• Legal assistance to the members to protect the personal and professional rights.
  • Reference and advice on selection and access to contacts of service providers for allied services required in schools.
  • Access to national annual conferences for the members to get insights into the emerging trends in education, technology and administration, and an array of intellectual activities including paper presentations, symposiums and panel discussions.
  • Frequent webinars on industry-appropriate topics by national and international practitioners, scholars and experts to promote cross-learning and networking beyond boundaries
  • Guidance of experienced principals to help develop standard operating procedures and appraisals
  • Assistance to members to find jobs, resources or institutions that facilitate elevation in position or career growth
  • Recommendations of books to read, research paper to refer to,  films to watch, sites to visit, conferences to attend, courses to enroll and skills to hone.
  • Communication and public relations for your school via the Principals’ Portal, an online platform that helps you publicise your school.
  • frequent trainings to transform the principal into an instructional and pedagogical leader worthy of being heard in national forums
  • A seamless supply of information and research on emergent trends in education via print and digital publications.
  • Personal and professional cover through life insurance and legal assistance.

PSPA Membership is of three types,

  • Lifetime Membership
  • Principal Membership
  • Retired Principal Membership

Only private school principals with valid identity card proof can be a member. You can be a member and create your account

on Your registration is complete only after the email verification. A link will be sent to your email address to verify your account. Click on the link to login. Memberships are approved by the admin after validating the your school identity proof which you upload in your account.

Yes. You can opt for the Retired Principal Membership Plan (Link to be provided)

Being a visitor on the website and getting access to a list of our members and some resources is free.

However, in order to get connected with other principals and use the benefits offered by our Exclusive Principals’ Portal, you have to subscribe to a paid membership.

Yes, Principals of CBSC, ISCE, SSC & IB Schools can become members of PSPA

Yes, on becoming a member, you will have access to network with principals from your state / board and principals from other states & boards too. It is a borderless platform aimed at bridges and benefiting principals from across borders.

PSPA is a society registered under …. 

Yes, it is registered under

PSPA can take you closest to getting a job and also become the best in your jobs. With access to a vast network of Principals, your brand value is always multiplying and so is your knowledge capital. Network and Knowledge can open many doors, and the door might open into your dream job.